Fabric Of Intention

by HADEA (formerly Gollum)

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GeN2Mo They may sound very reminiscent of Mastodon when you begin to listen to this album but you'll soon recognise just how big the base of influences is, that this brooding, grooving and pummeling flower was grown on.
It's unique, it's oddly catchy and it probably needs many more spins until I can write something about this that really represents the abundant qualities of this album. Favorite track: Nowhere To Be Found.
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We are happy to announce that we've signed a deal with European record label Mighty Music (www.mightymusic.dk) based out of Denmark! Our debut album will be officially released on January 27, 2014.

The entire album is now streaming in it's entirety and available for download. Enjoy!


PRESS (Past & Present):

“…for all the heavy riffing, tempo twists, and unconventional sounds- Hadea settle into this comfortable sonic groove, while the tones are primal and raw as to promote excessive spasmodic body motions and loads of sweat bursting from every pore…Picky as I am about hybrid metal these days, this quartet resonates in all facets because they understand you can be aggressive and introspective to make quality, original music in 2014.” - Matt Coe - Eternal Terror

"...it's definitely a multi-textural beast that combines elements of prog rock, death metal, thrash, sludge and psychedelica into an asymmetrical torrent of energy and aggression. The sonic paths [the band] roves are equally inspired by Tool, Morbid Angel, Lamb of God and Mastodon, but there are also hints of Pink Floyd, King Crimson and even the Cure." - Jon Weiderhorn- Revolver Magazine

"One of the freshest sounding and innovative bands I have worked with since BTBAM. With dense moods that shift on a drop of a dime...definitely on their way" - Jamie King-Producer BTBAM and others

"...ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the future giants of progressive/eclectic rock/metal, if you will, a band worthy of taking place along the Opeths, Mastodons and Tools of the world...these guys have the 'tude that's genuinely lacking from metal these days…a feeling of unadulterated artistic freedom of expression with no expectations or strings attached..." - Marcin Lewandowski - Imhotep

"...music this different that's able to fire on all cylinders is the equivalent of expanding ones mind without the drugs." 
- Way Too Loud



Out of the ashes of the late band Gollum, a new force to be reckoned with on the global metal scene emerges. Hadea (pronounced: hay-dee-ah) is the name of a new powerhouse of hard-grooving, experimental metal rising from the ground out of Cape Fear, North Carolina!

Originally founded in 1998 under the name of Gollum by brothers Frank and Serge Stroehmer and the now deceased Hunter Holland, the band spent its first couple of years perfecting their musical craft into the groovy, brick-wall-of-sound, it is today.
Gollum then took to the road playing countless shows coast to coast in the US, and have over the last ten years supported major acts such as Slayer, Mastodon, Chimaira, etc. and played for thousands and thousands of metalheads at the last three editions of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

Their self-financed debut “Lesser Travelled Waters” raised widespread underground media attention in the US with the feature of the king of “Pure American Metal” D. Randall Blythe from Lamb of God, and in 2008 Gollum had created such hype around their brand of experimental, groove-laden metal, that it caught the attention of L.A.-based record label Rotten Records, who instantly fell in love with the band and signed them onto their label in June 2008. Gollum’s constant ambition to push their potential even further propelled onto a new level with the addition of vocalist Shawn Corbett in 2008, and under the wings of Rotten Records, the new constellation entered the studio to record their sophomore effort “The Core” in late 2008. But then, just as things were really about to take off for Gollum, disaster struck. After the completion of “The Core”, drummer Hunter Holland unexpectedly passed away.

The loss of bandmate and longtime friend, Holland almost had a devastating impact on the band, but after a period of grieving and contemplating over the future, the band decided to put the name “Gollum” to rest in respect of Holland, and reincarnate as Hadea.

Hadea takes its name after the Hadean Period in geological history some 4.5 billion years ago, where the earth was taking shape in our solar system, and just like the name implies, Hadea the band is also about to take shape and leave its mark on the universe!

Hadea’s new wrecking-ball-of-an-album “Fabric of Intention” fuses the band’s trademark groove metal with a newfound experimentation on musical genres in 10 songs that all together mount up to be an album with a truly unique soundscape. The album was recorded by guitarist Frank Stroehmer and mixed and mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me).

Hadea has recently inked a worldwide deal with the leading Danish metal label Mighty Music that ensures Hadea expert representation in their new venture into the world of metal music.


released January 27, 2014

Mixed & Mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me)
at The Basement Recording - Winston-Salem, NC

Recorded & Edited by Frank Stroehmer
at Umbilical Recording Studio - Wilmington, NC



all rights reserved


HADEA (formerly Gollum) Wilmington, North Carolina


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Track Name: Hinge
Easy predicting. The knife afflicting.
A wound so crippling. Cannot stop thinking.
Heart is still beating. My thoughts conflicting.
Intent on hurting. So un-deserving.

Un-deserving! You hollowed out.
Now you need me? Not now!

The doors are shutting. Hinges are rusting.
Mistake in trusting. Revenge I’m wanting.
My love is nothing. The wolves are hunting.
Your grip is slipping. Your ship is sinking.

It is sinking! Just as before .
Now you need me? Not now!

Resistance keeps distance and it hinges on you.
Stepping right off this earth.
Taking us to the edge.
Stepping right off this earth.
Resistance keeps distance and it hinges on you.
Stepping right off this earth.
Taking us to the edge.

Heart is still beating. My thoughts conflicting.
Intent on hurting. So un-deserving
Track Name: Fabric Of Intention
We are tangled in...the web of their lies.
Smell the truth decay. Our purpose...
Rotting away...rotting away.

Rotting away. Rotting away.
Our purpose. Rotting away. Rotting away.
Rotting away.

Chasing synthetic dragons.
Tear the fabric of intention.
The system is not broken.
Its fixed. Fixated on you.

We have raised the sails...in the sea of their lies.
See the truth decay. Our purpose...
Rotting away...rotting away.

Rotting away. Rotting away.
Our purpose. Rotting away. Rotting away.
Rotting away.

Time for us to realize.
Back to truth and sacrifice.
Moving forth and continue to rise.
Sever the ties and come to life.

Material existence.
Divinity shall be forgone.
Material existence.
Diminishing our true essence.

Putting a tag on and selling you.
Eating the shit that there feeding you.
Track Name: Source And Creator
Run. Run across...
The night sky.
Stars look down...to witness
Falling toward horizon...
With knowledge and desire...desire.

Look. Looking up.
You’re faceless...
Behind the...glare of sun.
Unthaw your...bright idea.
Melting thoughts with your fire…your fire.

Unthaw your bright idea...let it burn.
Moving to the high ground...mountains fall.
The waves crash all around...oceans rise.
Drowning at your own pace...spiral down...spiral down.

I am the source and the creator.
I have the power to be reborn.
I am today and the days before.
There is no promise of tomorrow.
I am the source and the...c r e a t o r
I have the power...to be r e b o r n.